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Advies Altice

Huidige adviezen: Altice

29-04-2019Credit Suisse2,40 Hold
05-03-2019Barclays1,50 Sell
26-11-2018RBC3,00 Buy
22-11-2018Credit Suisse2,15 Hold
17-10-2018Credit Suisse2,50 Hold
15-08-2018Credit Suisse2,90 Hold
09-07-2018RBC6,00 Buy
01-06-2018Kepler Cheuvreux2,50 Sell
24-05-2018Bank of America Merrill Lynch3,60 Hold
29-03-2018Credit Suisse8,00 Hold
23-01-2018Barclays11,20 Buy
10-01-2018Societe Generale9,00 Sell
14-12-2017Deutsche Bank17,40 Buy
28-11-2017Barclays9,00 Hold
23-11-2017ABN AMRO16,00 Buy
23-11-2017Credit Suisse10,00 Hold
20-11-2017HSBC20,00 Buy
15-11-2017Bryan Garnier15,20 Buy
21-07-2017Deutsche Bank22,50 Hold
08-06-2017ING28,00 Buy
24-03-2017Bryan Garnier & Co22,80 Buy
13-03-2017Citi Research23,00 Hold
16-02-2017Goldman Sachs28,00 Buy
06-12-2016Oddo Securities23,50 Buy
21-11-2016JPMorgan Cazenove19,00 Hold
11-11-2016Exane BNP Paribas21,00 Buy
20-10-2016Credit Suisse17,00 Hold
18-10-2016Bank of America Merrill Lynch19,00 Hold
14-10-2016HSBC20,00 Buy
14-10-2016Morgan Stanley18,00 Hold
15-09-2016Barclays17,00 Hold
30-06-2016Kepler Cheuvreux13,00 Hold
17-05-2016Rabobank21,00 Buy
16-03-2016Nomura21,00 Hold

Advies geschiedenis: Altice

03-03-2017Deutsche Bank20,00 Hold
26-01-2017ING24,00 Buy
14-12-2016Deutsche Bank18,40 Hold
01-12-2016Goldman Sachs25,50 Buy
24-11-2016ING23,00 Buy
14-11-2016Goldman Sachs24,50 Buy
31-10-2016Deutsche Bank17,30 Hold
17-10-2016Citi Research30,00 Buy
14-10-2016Goldman Sachs23,50 Buy
07-10-2016Bryan Garnier & Co19,00 Buy
06-09-2016Deutsche Bank15,30 Hold
31-08-2016Exane BNP Paribas20,00 Buy
19-08-2016Barclays15,00 Hold
15-08-2016Deutsche Bank18,30 Hold
10-08-2016Goldman Sachs19,60 Buy
28-07-2016Deutsche Bank16,50 Hold
19-07-2016Bryan Garnier & Co16,50 Buy
26-05-2016Credit Suisse14,00 Hold
18-05-2016ING22,00 Buy
03-05-2016Deutsche Bank16,30 Hold
11-04-2016Bryan Garnier & Co16,30 Buy
05-04-2016Goldman Sachs16,60 Buy
04-04-2016Kepler Cheuvreux17,00 Hold
31-03-2016ING24,00 Buy
29-03-2016Kepler Cheuvreux18,00 Hold
23-03-2016Deutsche Bank17,30 Hold
07-03-2016Deutsche Bank17,10 Buy
04-02-2016Kepler Cheuvreux14,00 Hold
27-01-2016Nomura22,00 Hold
26-01-2016Credit Suisse15,00 Hold
26-01-2016Credit Suisse15,00 Hold
16-12-2015Deutsche Bank16,50 Buy
03-12-2015ING26,00 Buy
03-11-2015Rabobank28,00 Buy
29-10-2015Nomura26,00 Hold
29-10-2015Goldman Sachs25,00 Buy
26-10-2015Morgan Stanley22,00 Hold
08-10-2015Citi Research21,00 Hold
18-09-2015Kepler Cheuvreux26,50 Hold
18-09-2015Rabobank38,00 Buy
16-09-2015Deutsche Bank25,80 Hold
07-09-2015Barclays23,00 Hold
02-09-2015JPMorgan Cazenove28,00 Buy
27-07-2015Bank of America Merrill Lynch141,00 Hold
17-07-2015HSBC162,00 Buy
07-07-2015Citi Research91,00 Sell
06-07-2015Nomura108,00 Buy
26-06-2015JPMorgan Cazenove27,00 Buy
19-06-2015Kepler Cheuvreux95,00 Sell
01-06-2015Barclays100,00 Hold
27-05-2015Nomura115,00 Hold
26-05-2015ING145,00 Buy
26-05-2015Citi Research101,00 Sell
21-05-2015Goldman Sachs160,00 Buy
21-05-2015Rabobank146,00 Buy
20-05-2015Credit Suisse115,00 Hold
19-05-2015ING135,00 Buy
18-05-2015Barclays95,00 Hold
13-05-2015Rabobank140,00 Buy
13-05-2015Goldman Sachs135,00 Buy
27-04-2015Barclays90,00 Hold
14-04-2015ING127,00 Buy
07-04-2015Rabobank125,00 Buy
24-03-2015Nomura96,00 Hold
23-03-2015Nomura96,00 Hold
03-03-2015Goldman Sachs125,00 Buy
26-02-2015ING106,00 Buy
23-02-2015Kepler Cheuvreux85,00 Hold
03-02-2015Goldman Sachs102,00 Buy
26-01-2015Nomura70,00 Hold
  AEX 547,21 0,64% 543,710
  AMX 748,69 1,12% 740,390
  Euronext 1.037,34 0,54% 1031,750
  Dax 30 12.011,04 0,49% 11952,410
  Dow Jones 25.585,69 0,37% 25490,470
  Nasdaq 7.300,96 -0,10% 7307,933
  Nikkei 21.117,22 -0,16% 21151,140